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Hello sweethearts, thanks for stopping by the blog, it means a lot to us.

Good day and hope the weekend was fun? I do pray, that we have a fruitful week ahead of us.

If you have being following  us via Facebook and other social media, you would noticed that apart from the modeling agency, we also have a good number of things we do, and one of them is Project F.A.W.A. and we recently had a Walk against Women Molestation and Child Abuse, which we talked about here.

So today, we are going to be talking about how to enhance our Self Esteem.

A lot of us stay in abusive relationship for too long, and that in turn affects our esteem a great deal, thus making it feel we are not good enough for anyone. We must know that no matter how small or vulnerable our abusers make us feel, we are worth more and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity just like anyone else.

Funny enough, must of us with low self esteem, are in that state not necessarily because we are in an abusive relationship with someone, but because we have parents, friends and relations that will always  make us feel small, bad or not worth it.

I for example, because of my stature, I get lot of smallie remarks from people, it affected my esteem a whole lot, but right now am trying my best not to make those remarks get to me any more.


1. Be your own best friend. Treat yourself well.

2. Reward yourself for your successes.

3. Develop your talents

4. Be true to yourself and your values

5. Take responsibility for yourself, your choices and actions.

6. Ignore and stay away from people who put you down.

7. Practice self care

8. Set goals and work to achieve it.

9. RUN away from an abusive relationship

10. Most of all be yourself.

I hope this post helped someone? Have you being in an abusive relationship before or you have self esteem issue? Please be kind enough to share your ideas, or thoughts with us.

ARTICLE BY: Ezeigwe Juliet Chioma.