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Cant tell what I was looking at.

Hello lovers, how are we doing? Thanks for stopping by here. If you follow me via Facebook, then you would notice have been complaining lately of being exhausted, mehn the work load is just too much on me.

I just got a job and you know that means waking up on time and sleeping late, and my system is still trying to adjust to that I suppose.

So as to ease the tension, I decided to put up a fun post on the blog. 10 random stuffs, you don't probably know about me.

I hope you enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed typing it.

1. I am a graduate of the Federal Polytechnic Idah, Kogi State where I studied  Science Lab. Tech and currently a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University studying Mass Communication. How come? Story for another day.

2. I can talk for world cup, but most times I just keep quiet and let people do the talking. Most people mistake me for a quiet girl, until they come close to me and testify. So therefore I am an extrovert by nature but introvert by nurture.

3. I am a very emotional person, little things make me cry, laugh or get angry. But I am very quick to forgive. Sweet of me right?

4. I use to love dark guys very much, especially bankers. Until bae came along and changed everything. Love is love, whether dark, fair or chocolate. Argue much.

5. I am very creative and innovative. I can think of an idea this minute and execute it the next day. Genius right?

6. I worship on Saturdays and not Sundays, and no am not a Sabbatharian.

7. My other igbo name is Ifunanya (Love). That is why I  love for Africa. Who says our names don't have an effect on us?

8. I cant stand guys that lie and beat up ladies or rape children. Big turnoff for me.

9. If you leave me, I can raise a family via Facebook. My love for social media is something I cant even explain.

10. I select food, little wonder I refuse to be fat. But I can do junk for days. Give me meat and you become my friend for life, but watch it am not a longer throat. Contradictory right? Lol

I'd love to hear a random thing about you. Please share with me.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post? Can you relate to any of these random things?
Don’t forget to let me know if we share anything in common, or if we tend to be different in certain things.

P.S: I have a class on Saturday on Whatsapp and I don't have a phone, what should  do? Any suggestions?

P.S.S: I and my team are currently working on three things for my organization. Anticipate


  1. Hi Juliet, I was just thinking of putting up a post like this sef. We have some things in common o, I'm also creative and innovative, I can talk and play for Africa but I act very quiet especially in the public.

    1. About you being creative, I don't doubt it. Hope to see you soon, so I can confirm the play and talk side of you. Please do a post on this, I will love to read it.