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Am typing this from my office, straight from my heart too with love.

You know, as a child growing up, they were so many goals you wished to accomplish before some certain age. Most goals I set for myself, have accomplished, why some am yet to.

After going through some blogs and seeing what the bloggers are doing, I decided to come out with a list of things to do before 25.


1. Go a road trip and visit 6 other Nigeria states, aside this Lagos am stucked in.

a. Akwa Ibiom

b. Cross River. (Calabar)

c. Rivers.(Port Harcourt)

d. Imo. (Owerri).

e. Kaduna

f. Abuja.

2. Visit 2 African Countries.

a. Benin Republic. 

b. Ghana

3. Volunteer.

Am currently volunteering for an event coming up on the 3rd of October 2016, and it is the Founders Conference.
Foc Conference.


4. Learn French Language.

I actually know the basics, who wouldn't, after learning it for 6 years in secondary school?

5. Get to a point, where i am comfortable with public speaking and meeting new people (networking).

It feels like a 8-6 kind of job to me.

6. Donate to charity.

7. Have my make up on fleek.

Especially my brows. Who would believe i actually learnt make up? Shame on me.

8.Read up to 40 books and attend 50 trainings.

Seriously working on this. You can help this ministry by suggesting books to me biko. This is aside the novels I read or my school books.

9. Up my cooking game.

A girl must know how to cook different dishes abi? It is very important before someone else does that for him. Lol.

10. Learn graphics design.

I need to seriously learn how to create simple designs, at least to help my ministry. A graphics designer can't come and be chopping my money na.

11. Hone my writing skills.

I seriously do not consider myself a writer, although my partner strongly believes I am. But then I need to improve on it, at least to write my biography. I even have a book for models sef.
My book.        


12. Become a face brand ambassador for a company.

This has always being my childhood dreams. Someone should help push this ministry na. Lol.

13. Have a vlog. (Online TV).

This is one major feat i need to accomplish before 25. I have the intentions of owing a paying online TV. Big dreams right?

14. Get a camera and laptop.

I need a camera like right now, at least to help my blogging ministry. And a laptop, will save a life.

15. Attend music concerts/ comedy shows.

Like buy a VIP ticket and spend the night there. You know na, get to meet my music icons and comedy lords. But then my parents wont allow me. Anybody wants to adopt? Lol.

16. Actually celebrate my birthday.

My 25 years on earth birthday is very sure. Like go out with Bae, go to the beach, cut cake, eat Chinese food, visit the orphanage. Amin.

17. Learn to say NO.

Like say NO and mean it. Not feeling bad about it or looking back to give it a second thought. Any book on that please?

18. Earn massive from selling my services.

I don't even know the services to sell. Lol. But I know that I want to earn massively, even if it means sleeping and earning.
one of my services.
19. Get an office space.
20. Finish my first degree.
Yes I know, I could have finished by now, but shit happen somethings right? At least I have an OND result.
21. Get more shoes and clothes.
Sounds like ice cream and pizza right? But the truth is, I haven't  tasted pizza sef. Weird? But a girl needs those to survive ni. Lol. 
22. Be more adventurous.
Like be more adventurous, be more adventurous, more adventurous, just adventurous like that.

23. Build a tribe of young women.

Where I can draw strength and inspirations from, young women i can share with, read with, pray with, learn from and most importantly borrow money from and abscond.
24. Build Da Jules World to a point where i can earn a living from it. Give me clues please.
25. Love, Love, Love, Love to eternity.
What are those goals you have set for yourself, before you get to a certain age? Please share with me, I will love to hear from you.