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Happy Independence.
Happy new month people. Nigeria is 56, hurray! So excited for my country . Hope you are too? With all the problems facing this country, I strongly believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. Do you believe so too?

Let me quickly do a recap of how September went, and I sincerely hope you do same via the comment box.

Making: Plans towards the project I and my team are working on for Project FAWA. Keep your fingers crossed.

Drinking: Water and and  Milo. I must be fat syndrome.

Reading: Purpose Driven Life, that was bought for me by my partner. Making effort to finish it.

Wanting: A phone, laptop and camera.

Remembering: The incidents of my bag snatching. I still feel bad about loosing my phones and documents.

Wearing: My red lipstick for days.

Juliet Ezeigwe
Working: Seriously on my temperament.

Feeling: Inspired and loved.
Playing: You are great by Steve Crown. That songs means everything to me right now.
Wasting: My time thinking about my future when I have a father in heaven that cares about me.

Wishing: Nigeria comes out of recession Asap.

Enjoying: My new place of work, the freedom I get and the fact that i really do not have to depend on my parents and partner for money.

Liking: The fact that I and my partner really do not quarrel over little issues like before.

Wondering: What I can do to make good use of this recession.

Loving: The woman, I am becoming.

Hoping: For the best for myself, family, partner, friends, Da Jules World and Nigeria.
The Models.

September was a great month for me really. I finally got a job and moved out of my comfort zone.
If you have been following me via Facebook, you will notice that i have a strong passion for Women and Child protection. I and my team had a Walk Against Women Molestation and Child Abuse on the 1st of October

2016. Most of the goals I set for myself this year am yet to accomplish. What about you?

Happy New Month! Wishing us the best this month.

                    Please leave me your thoughts,
                    experiences/lessons in September and what you are looking forward to this new month.