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Hello guys,

Long time no post right? I have a lot going on in my life right now, and I decided to go off for a while, but am back now right?

Hope we good? And yes, Happy New Month in advance.

This is one of the toughest phase of my life right now. Just lost my job and believe me am so scared of the next step to take right now. We need money to push our dreams right? So you see why I am scared?

On Saturday I saw a flyer on Facebook for a business startup and strategy in a recession, at first I was so skeptical about going, but I went anyway because I figured out it was going to be useful to me at the long run and yes I finally met the almighty Chinonso Ogbogu. 

The training opened my mind to a lot of possibilities for Da Jules World especially in this time of recession.

I decided to pen down 10 lessons I learnt from the training.

1. Thriving in this period of recession requires a certain kind of mindset, because everything starts from the mind. So always think positively.

2. Whatever it is you belief, you develop an attitude that will make it happen.

3. Clarity is power: Be very clear about your vision and dreams for your startup. You cant afford to be blur about your business in this recession.

4. Be hungry for success: Success don't come to people out of pity, it comes to you through discipline.

5. You don't stumble into success. It is a deliberate decision and process.

6. Never be driven by ideas, rather lets execution drive you.

7. Nobody argues with excellence. Produce results and the world will celebrate and respect you.

8. Your dream is a seed, the ability to make the seed grow is also a seed for someone else to grow with.

9.  As a leader you should exhume so much confidence.

10. It is nobody's responsibility to say yes to your dream, except yourself and until they see and understand your vision never say No.

P.S: I couldn't take pictures on that day, because no good phone and camera. So please forgive me.

P.S.S: I am so excited to be a part of the Transition training starting tomorrow, by Amb Young Anyanwu, he will share with us, on how he was able to transit from Project YOUNG to ICPD. As an entrepreneur, you will be thrilled to the bones for registering. Connect with him via HERE

I actually learnt a whole lot, but just decided to pen down 10 for you my readers, am generous like that.

Hope you enjoyed the post?

How did you spend your weekend and what are you expecting from this new week and new month especially for your business if you have any?

Please do leave me your thoughts on this.


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