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Models for AJFDW.

Hello beautiful people and models, hope the weekend was blissful? Thanks for stopping by today, from all of us at Da Jules World, we send our hugs and kisses.

As we all know, Da Jules World also runs a modeling agency/academy, so today we decided to teach models, especially aspiring and upcoming models on the basics of modeling.

Your coming here today means a lot to us, blessings.

Recently I was privileged to be one of the judges during a modeling audition for one of the biggest fashion show in Lagos and beyond.#AJFDW.


At a point during the audition, I and my colleague at a point could not help but laugh, most of them don't really know what modeling is about, most of them could not even introduce themselves properly, most of them came because their friends said they should, why some of them thrilled us.


One of the reasons, why I wrote my book was to address some issues in the modeling industry especially for aspiring and upcoming models. I do hope we get the book, when it is out.

Modeling make easy.

This morning, we are going to be giving us tips on the Do's and Don'ts of modeling.


Do's of Modeling.

1. Look Like Your Photo

When going for an audition, make sure you go with a current picture of you. Don't  go with a picture of you on low cut, while you are putting a weave on the day of audition. Better put, don't go with a picture of  5 years ago for an audition. Always go with a recent picture, that looks like you.

  2. Leave your entourage in the car

You were the one called for the casting call or agency interview, not your group of friends, mom, dad, brothers and sisters, and grandparents. Most casting calls are crowded, especially open calls. You will get a very limited amount of time to make an impression and the casting director, agent or manager wants to be sure you are independent enough to handle a job on your own.
Except you are under 18.

3. Know How to Market Yourself

 Always sought opportunities to sell yourself, via social media especially. It pains my heart to see models post irrelevant things on social media, when they can readily sell themselves and expertise on social medias.You should also be attending castings that fit your niche in the industry. You should also be playing up your features that fit the job you are auditioning for.

4. Make Yourself Available

Make sure you have a working cell phone and that you answer it, especially after any audition or casting calls. Be kind enough to drop your number, and pick calls, so as not to miss any opportunity. Also try your best to follow up, that we make you seem serious about modeling. Please don't go bugging or disturbing people.

5. Be patient and develop some thick skin

Rejection is something every model must experience especially at the beginning of your career. Hence, you need to get use to it, but be determined never to give up no matter the odds. Also keep this in mind, failure is the stuff which success is made.

Don'ts of Modeling.

1.Bring a Bad Attitude Anywhere

Good look is sure good for a modeling career, but then without good attitude, you are sure not going to go far in the industry.. Be professional and pleasant. It doesn't matter how great your look is, or how creative you are, if you are horrible or unpleasant to work with, you just won't work. If the booking agent or casting director gives you criticism, don't take it to heart and don't give them attitude back. If an agent or casting director passes on you, simply thank them for their time and be gracious, it scores a point for you.

  2. Arrive with a not too good Portfolio

Your portfolio is your selling point as a model, and therefore it  should be organized and ready to been shown. Don't include outdated or additional photos in the back that are not meant to be seen. Make sure you are contended with every photo in your book and make sure it neat and clean. Your portfolio should contain wow pictures.

3. Come Unprepared

Never go for an audition or casting call unprepared. Always make research on what the audition is for weeks before the audition.  Make sure to take enough rest before the audition. You should also be prepared for your interview or call with your portfolio, comp cards, and a notebook and pen to take notes.  

4. Never Be Late.

Never go late for any modeling job, audition or casting calls. After all, time is money. Excuses will get you no where so don't give yourself a reason to have one. At the same time, don't arrive too early. If you do end up arriving early, don't go in right away. Remember the 15 minute rule.  Going early for an audition scores a point for you in the heart of the agency, managers or clients.

 5. The bigger the heels, the better. 

Whenever you are going for an audition, make sure to go with a heel and not a flat or sneakers.
The second rule is: don't wear high heels, if you can't walk on them.
Aside from adding inches of height, heels also typically makes your body look much more elongated.
 In particular, check out wedges and espadrilles, as they can make you appear long, lean, and modelesque, without making you sacrifice comfort.


Article by: Ezeigwe Juliet Chioma.

Juliet, Joseph, Ngozi, Amos.
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