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Hello people,

Whoop Whoop,  we just crossed 3000 page views and am so elated, thank you for sticking around here.

Long time no blogger of the week right? Am so sorry about that, have being working on a lot of things. And before I forget Happy new month.

This week, our blogger of the week, is one beautiful lady that is as beautiful as her blog. Her dimple and dress sense is to die for.

Welcome WUMI as she shares with us her journey into blogging, fashion and the bloggers she loves.


1. Who is Wumi?
Wumi Oguntuase is a style blogger, personal shopper, stylist, business woman who is in love with bringing creative styles to life without breaking the bank.


2. When did you start blogging?
I started my style blog officially in May, 2015

3. Aside blogging, what else do you do?
I work at an Automobile company & I have an online Thrift Store (@thethriftstoreng on Instagram).

4. What is your guilty pleasure?
I love to window shop! mostly online though, I can literally be on a sales page/site for hours and not get tired. Like it makes me plan towards living my dream life.

5. As a fashion blogger, what is that fashion item you cant be caught wearing?

Honestly I don't know but let's just say you wouldn't see me in anything overly exposing, I love my body but there has to be a level of decency in my outfits.

6. Describe yourself in 5 words.
Realistic, Fun, Enterprising, Feisty, God-fearing.

7. What is your favorite, heels or sneakers? Why?
 Even though I don't have as much sneakers as heels, I'm a sneaker girl.

8. You cant do without
My Bible... and then shoes!

9. What do you love most about being a blogger?
The ability to express my style to a heterogeneous audience and impact, no matter how little, someone's style.


10. 5  favorite bloggers in Nigeria?
I have quite a few but some of them are not based in Nigeria though: Grace of, Cassie of, Noble Igwe of &, Tosin of & Folake of

Hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did?

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