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We have a new segment in the blog, and it is Hot Topics with Amarachi. In this segment we will get to see Amarachi share with us her thoughts on some issues ranging from Family, Success, Sex, Management etc.

Today's topic is on Inferiority complex and how it has affected most people, ways to get over it and become a better
version of you.



It is the lack of self worth,doubts and uncertainty. You feel
you are not measuring up to standard. When you talk about
inferiority,you talk about self esteem. For many it is
developed through a combination of personal experiences


DISCOURAGEMENT: in a situation when you do something
that needs encouragement at the end of the day what you
get is "You didn't do it right"

COMPARISON: People are created differently. God made you
awesome and unique. Our parents should stop comparing
and to you please don't compare yourself. You are different!

FEAR OF MAKING MISTAKES: You don't learn if you don't
make mistakes. It is one of life lesson's. You wont be better
if you don't make mistakes. Accept your mistakes and make
things better!

ENVY AND RESENTMENT: This is affecting 80% of the youths
today. They all want to be like Juliet. When they try and fail
their hatred story begins. Envy leads no where rather it
takes away the little we have achieved.

Anyone in the world at some point in our life can feel
somewhat inferior. 

We tell ourselves we aren't smart
enough,beautiful enough or talented enough. When you feel
this way you should confront your feelings,ask yourself why
you feel inferior to the person. Ask yourself how they are
superior to you, ask yourself if they can be like you.
Understand that we're inferior in some ways. Change the
way you think. Stop wanting to be like others. You can get
inspired by people and still be you.
Try not to worry about what others think. Focus on your
positive attributes. Stop negative talks
Build your self confidence and confront your biggest fears.

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