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Taking Stock|| October Notes

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Hello guys,

Happy new month!!!! I am excited about this new month for reasons I cant even fathom. I just believe this month will be a good one for me.

October ended on a low note for me because I lost my job and am still kind of trying to adjust to the new development and believe me, it has not being easy, but we shall conquer right?

I love this taking stock method because it is so easy to compile and easy for you guys to comprehend.

OK, lets dig in.

Making: The November edition of my online magazine. I started that magazine afraid and am so glad I did. You can check it out HERE.

Eating: Junk food and it is very unhealthy for me.

Reading: Nothing in particular, my bad. I have loads of books to read, but laziness. Reading lots of stuffs on the internet though.

Wasting: Time crying over things I cant change.

Knowing: That I need to get a crop of young ladies to work with.

Wishing: I can get a job before the month runs out. Not just any job, but the one that suits my passion.

Working: On the project I want to embark on for Project FAWA and it is for secondary school students.

Hoping: I can get a laptop, modem, good phone, a domain name and a Cassie Daves blog planner.

Wearing: The new sneakers I got. Loving the facts that it literally fits any dress I put on.

Wanting: To go on a vacation outside Lagos or visiting anything that looks like a beach. Anything that just don't look like work.

Feeling: Challenged and inspired to do things outside my comfort zone.

Looking: Forward to the IMAN Hangout coming up on the 19th of November 2016. Cant wait to connect with like minds and learn

Thinking: Of creative ways to start making money from my blog and my other brands.

Drinking: Water. I miss my milo and coke.

Loving: The fact that the blog has a new look and is easily accessible and easy to navigate.

Whats Yours

This month, I plan to take it bits by bits, do things afraid and meet my goals for the month.

I wish us the very best this November.

Follow your passion and slay while at it

Please do leave your thoughts, experiences/lessons in October and what you look forward to this new month.

Also lets connect