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Hello guys,
I do hope we’re fine and ticking off our goals for the month? May is almost coming to an end and I wish it ends well.
One major goal I had this month, was to be consistent and get people to write on the blog. I’ve not really be consistent with blogging, but I got 2 people that volunteered to write on the blog every week, and it feels like a million dollar. Lol!

We have a new segment in the blog, and it is called Personality of the week. Where we interview young people that are doing well in their fields like Bloggers, Makeup Artists, Models, Photographers, etc. to inspire, educate and motivate our readers. We do hope you enjoy it.

This is our first edition, and we interviewed Ezinne Jane Ugoji, the founder of ZINNIEPOSH.
1. Who is Ezinne Jane Ugoji?
    Ezinne Ugoji is a dark skinned lady who owns a fashion line known as ZINNIEPOSH GLAMOROUS. She is a graduate of English language and literature from Abia state university.

 2. Why did you choose bead making?
 I chose bead making because of my love for fashion. I just want to tell my life's story through every possible means...and beading helps me do that. It isn't just going to be beads. ZINNIEPOSH is expanding. I'll keep my lips sealed for now...but expect bigger things.
3. Greatest achievements so far since starting your own business?
I wouldn't want to say anything as great as I want it has come up so far. I’ve had a couple of fantastic experiences (like seeing few foreigners rock Zinnieposh in the USA) but I can't categorically call it greatness yet....Lol. Greatness should be when I become a household name. *hahahaha

 4. What's your favorite place to be in the whole world?
   I'm enjoying Nigeria...Lol. I mean that's where God has put me, but South Africa has a lot of fascinating stuff in it. So, I'd say SA.
5. Are you a feminist? What does Feminism mean to you?
 I am a Feminist...yes! But my feminism is not the feminism of the world.  I believe that women should go out there and get it! I believe women should have it going for them!! I believe women should have their say! But I also believe that men are very important to women. Feminism shouldn't make you neglect your responsibilities as a woman.
6. If you could live with 3 women for one day each, who will they be and why?
    Day 1: Ngozi Okonjo Iwela: That's because she is calm yet very tactful. And that makes her powerful.
   Day 2: Mercy Johnson: Oh Lord! That lady inspires me to the last. If you want to define real and you are looking for shortcut, just show them Mercy Johnson.
 Day 3: NUPITA: She is black...proud...confident. I'll want to learn what gives her courage.
 7. How did the name Zinnieposh come about?
   Lol! It happened when a friend came to the house like 6 years ago. I just left secondary school then. I was like "Nne I need a nick name oh. And almost every Ezinne is known as Zinny. I want something different". And then she said I should change my 'y' to 'ie' and then add posh for a change. That was it. Zinnieposh started off as a nickname ....and look who has a ZINNIEPOSH establishment. Lol.
 8. Biggest lesson learnt in 5 words.
     No One Cares But GOD.
 9. One advice for ladies who look up to you?
  Here’s the trick: Try to work towards everything you dream of, be consistent. It works like magic.

  10. What your philosophy of life?
 Tough times don't last, tough people do.
 11. How would you describe yourself in five words?
      A Queen in Her kingdom

12. Three Challenges of being an entrepreneur in Nigeria.
      * Capital
      * Scarcity of materials
      * Exchange rate
13.  Why do you love the color black?
You already know. Black is strong! Black is hardworking!!  Black is daring!! Black is beautiful!!  BLACK don’t CRACK!!!
14. What do you think of the Africa Woman?
  She is woman who stops when she is done...not when she is tired. She is PILLAR! 


Hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did?

Please leave us your thoughts on this and don't forget to also leave kind words for Ezinne


  1. ZinniePoshest! Go ahead and take territories with your Gift! Jules, I am now following this Blogg! I just had to let you know...

  2. It is always good to have a goal, and working hard to achieve it.Zinne more greese to your elbow.

  3. EzinneJane (Snr)26 May 2017 at 14:52

    Am super proud of these Ladies. More Grace!!!