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“Clears cobwebs here”
Hello, anybody home? It’s been a while. Gosh, I miss this space.
I do hope I become more consistent with blogging. (Unfaithful blog lover)
Hope it isn’t out of place to say Happy new month? A whole lot had happened to me since this year, especially with my career and personal growth, but that should be a blog post for another day. You agree right? Enough gist dey, Lol!
Writing this particular blog post right now, I really do not know how I feel. It just feels out of place to me, but as the saying goes “old soldier never dies”.
So, come with me lets dig in.

MAKING: Plans towards launching my online TV and online beauty facial contest for models. This has been giving me sleepless night. We shall get there.

DRINKING: Water. I just find myself getting so dehydrated this days. Maybe it’s because of the weather.

READING: My Nation My Agony written by Dr. Maduka Sunny Oby (My uncle) and The Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. The former It talks about the corruption in Nigeria, and I do hope I find it very interesting. My reading game has been on spree since this year.

WANTING:  A good Android phone (Mine just packed up for no obvious reason), a Modem and Money (PLENTY OF IT)😞😞

WEARING: This beautiful milk color sandals I got last month, I love how it fits my feet and goes well with anything I put on.

WORKING: Wholeheartedly on my personal development and brand. I intentionally attend events, trainings and conferences to learn and network with people.

FEELING: Overwhelmed and a bit scared in launching my online TV and at the same time inspired and motivated to do great things.

WISHING: I can just see someone that will just dash me money to start up properly. If only wishes come true.

ENJOYING: The new laptop I just got as a gift, it makes work easier for me, though the fan is spoilt and its making this very annoying noise.

LIKING: The fact that I’m gradually stepping out of my comfort zone. Like meeting new people, taking up roles, and most especially registering for a competition.(Script 2 Screen Film)

WONDERING: Why our government are more concerned about themselves than the people they are mandated to serve. Corruption in every corner of this country and it irks the hell out of me.

LOVING: The way I always force myself to wake up very early to read my bible. That is a very big plus for me.

LOOKING: Forward to a more fruitful month. I sincerely wish this month comes with loads of blessings and big wins.

THINKING: Of how best to get advert placement, sponsorship and promotion for the online TV, when we eventually launch and how to balance my life at the moment.

GIGGLING: At how beautiful my dreams are. Very big and challenging dreams, and most times they make me frightened but I enjoy dreaming them.

I do hope you enjoyed this post? Believe me, I missed writing to us and hope I become more consistent and better at it.
How did your April go for you? I do hope it was very beautiful as you reading this. But hey! Even if it was nothing to write home about, never relent, keep fighting and one day the universe will make your dreams come true.
What exciting things are you happy about for the new month, please do share with me and don’t also forget to leave me your thoughts on this.
Until I write to you again, keep been Beautiful and Happy.
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