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The invisible shackles that's tied to our soul, isn't as shattering at heart than those fake smiles we chose to mask around, making the world believe the smile is not just a cover for the pain felt, disguising how we really feel and face pain daily.

It's all hidden beneath that smile, our fears, but; what are we left with? Isn't it anything but hope? Hope for a greater tomorrow? Hope for a transparent and tranquil tomorrow? Isn't it all we seek for? Are we going to get that which our soul so seek for?

Our souls are sealed away with propaganda, we know what we are faced with, yet we still face it, because we are fighters, aiming for a cause and determined to get through, yet we put ourselves through what we are facing, the situation we are in, we put ourselves in it, we choose to believe what they feed us.

The darkness we are in we created it all by ourselves, it's hard to escape from it, we don't make this mistakes, we know quite well what we are in and blame it on them when they reach the height of their position, but didn't we know that before bringing them in? We know what we want before going for it, because the power lies with us.

Most times, we know how wrong we are, but still go for it, cause of what we are getting now and then not thinking of what we would be getting NEXT! The future....

Now, it’s heartbreaking and terrifying to think of all we could have been but we are not still. Its saddening cause we are supposed to stand as one great nation but our leaders are standing as great ones all by themselves. The clattering sound of the chains as they drag through our soul is everywhere, surrounding our inner thoughts but we choose to ignore it. Why? What would I say I smell at that? Fear! It’s creating a thick fog around us that it’s not long before we see that, because I fear what we are becoming.

Nations are supposed to rise at our feet not squirm or feel disgusted when our name is called but we have prevailed them by giving them false image of us not what we really are. All these are chained down to our soul.

The inflation pressure have done nothing but hit the soul of people and we, still in this pain, the problem still rises yet it is not worked on; no improvement. The feeling of abandonment is slowly creeping in and can't be comprehended, yet we are still smiling. I say, it is a pain that's chained to our soul that dwells deep but still not burning. I fear a day would come where the fear would eat up every inch of our soul, take over all and the soul would be left not without being shattered.

The turbulence that squash our heart are terrible yet they feel nothing like none of it, because they are not in it, they were never on it and would never be in it, but still they give us false assurance and nothing seems to be elevated yet our soul is chained daily. The same hope that kept our forefathers is what is still keeping us, yet we are still turning in the same circles as they had turned.

The clock is ticking faster and faster as the day goes by; where are we heading to? It isn't clear? But we are still going to keep hoping. We have to keep our heads high above to reach out for our ultimate goal, because what we have, we don't know. Peradventure we do, but we can't be stuck in a place for too long, we are doing nothing but harming the pretty soul, we need to break free from them and drop that chain off our soul, we need to do it together with our voice, The Youth Call. 

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